Henry County Sportsmen's Association
5835 Township Road U-4
Liberty Center, OH 43532

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Range Rules

Membership card must be on your person
Must remove all target material after shooting
Do not bring objects such as household appliances to shoot at
or objects that shatter other than clays

1. General. Live firing conducted at the Henry County Sportsmen's Association Range Complex is designed to provide authorized personnel access to a facility, where they can become proficient
with privately-owned guns.

2. Facilities for Use. Range availability is at the discretion of the
Club President.

Live-fire shooting is normally limited to the following ranges and equipment:

    a. Outdoor Range--Rifles smaller than .50 caliber centerfire; pistols
        and shotguns any caliber or gauge. (No tracer or armor-piercing
    b. Trap and Skeet Range--Shotguns only. (Up to #7 1/2 shot; no slugs.)

3. Range Limitations and Safety Requirements.

Live-fire shooters will:

    a. Fire only authorized guns and ammunition.
    b. Fire at authorized targets only.
    c. Fire only after completing a "hold harmless" agreement.
        (Required for each visit to the range complex.)
    d. Ensure all projectiles impact within the established
        range safety limits.
    e. Call "Cease firing" and make safe all guns before a shooter
        moves forward of the firing line or during any unsafe condition.
    f.  Call "Cease firing" if a firing line becomes staggered (one shooter
        forward of another) anywhere on the range complex.
    g. Use appropriate ear protection.
    h. Wear appropriate eye protection.
    i.  Notify the Club President, RSO or Chief Range Safety Officer
        (CRSO) of any safety infractions.
    j.  Police all brass, paper, and other debris that accumulate on the
        range. Dispose of them in the containers provided.
4. Authorized and Prohibited Guns. Full-automatic guns are NOT authorized.

5. Authorized Personnel. The following persons are allowed to fire:

    a. Current members of the shooting club.
    b. Invited guests of the above, provided the authorized person is
        present and assumes full responsibility for the conduct of his or
        her guests.
    c. Personnel approved by the club officers, CM, or CRSO on a
        case-by-case basis.
Range Rules are printable in .pdf format: [Click Here]