Toledo Area Shooting Range
Gun Range for Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun ~ Archery Range

Henry County Sportsmen's Association
5835 Township Road U4
Liberty Center, OH 43532

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The most economical, low cost shooting range in the Toledo, Ohio area is the Henry County Sportsmen's Association gun and archery range located just northeast of Liberty Center, Ohio.

Unlike other gun ranges either commercial, organizational or private costing a significantly larger sum of money either by the hour or annual dues, membership in our association offers convenient access to our gun range for dues of only $60.00 per year with first year dues and initiation fee totalling $75.00.

All members are issued gate keys and membership cards which allow individuals to access the gun range facility anytime during daylight hours when scheduled events are not in progress. Checking the calendar* on our events page will indicate the few times per month when the shooting range is closed for general use.

The gun range is basically self administered with no scheduled on site supervision. Members bring their own targets (see range rules for specifics regarding acceptable gun range targets). Use common courtesy when others are sharing the shooting range. Maintain reasonable spacing among individuals or groups on the firing range and exercise a high standard of safety precautions. Members in good standing are allowed to bring guests to the range and must assume complete responsibility for their actions and behavior. Failure to obey the range rules will result in loss of membership.

* The calendar on the Events Page is designed to attempt to provide the most accurate information regarding scheduled events, but assumes no responsibility for absolute accuracy. If upon arrival there is an organized event in progress which may have not been posted, members must cede use of the shooting range and other facilities unless other arrangements are agreed to by the person(s) holding the event.